Microphone and Equipment Rules and Guidelines

  1. Do not EVER touch any of the other equipment.

  2. Do not touch a microphone unless expressly invited to.

  3. Do not try to turn on or off (the host has all controls).

  4. Do not tap the head of the microphone to check if it is on. The host will turn on the microphone when it is appropriate.

  5. Do not throw in the air, flip, or otherwise use the microphone for anything other than singing.

  6. Do NOT deliberately drop the mic. You will be charged a $400 microphone replacement fee.

  7. Do not scream or yell into the microphone.

  8. Do not remove from stage/singing area.

  9. Do not ask the host to turn up the volume. What you hear on the stage/singing area is very different than what the audience hears and the host is constantly monitoring and adjusting the sound.

  10. Do not hold the microphone in such a way that you cover the metal mesh head of the microphone. That muffles your voice, and makes it difficult for the host to make you sound good.

  11. Do hold the microphone close to your mouth, at about a 45 degree angle, with the base of the microphone always pointed down. This positions the microphone to capture your voice best, and prevents feedback from the monitor speaker.

  12. In a duet or group situation, do not hold the microphones close to each other. This also prevents feedback issues.