Karaoke Etiquette and Rules

  1. Do check in with the host when you arrive to see if you have any songs on your ‘to sing’ list.

  2. Do let the host know when you’re leaving so that she can check you out.

  3. Do not demand the host’s attention during the first 20 seconds of someone’s song, or between songs when announcements are being made.

  4. Do not talk so loud to the host that you distract the current singer.

  5. Do not boo.

  6. Do applaud.

  7. You MUST use a card (or the wtkJams app) to sign up for songs. If you’re too drunk to fill out a card, you’re too drunk to sing. And you must have the song chosen BEFORE you are up to sing, especially if it is busy.

  8. Do not front load (enter more than 4 songs at a time).

  9. Do not sign someone else up for a song they don’t want to sing.

  10. Do not attempt to remove someone else’s song.

  11. Do not attempt to join another singer unless expressly invited to do so.

  12. Do not argue about your position in the rotation. You will be moved to the end or removed for the evening. Understand that the computer sets a fair rotation, and the host’s decision is final.

  13. Be aware that new singers go to the end of the current rotation